In the realm of video editing, having a diverse set of tools is crucial. “Shapes Elements | FCPX” is one such tool that every Final Cut Pro and Apple Motion user should have in their arsenal.

Free Download and Easy Installation

“Shapes Elements | FCPX” is available for free download. With a file size of just 11.1MB, it’s a compact yet powerful addition to your video editing toolkit.

Compatibility and Requirements

“Shapes Elements | FCPX” is designed to work seamlessly with Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro. The best part? No additional plugins are required. Simply download the pack, install it into your software, and you’re ready to enhance your videos with a variety of shape elements.

File Overview

Shapes Elements | FCPX - Free Download
📂 File Attributes
File Size:11.2 MB
Application Supported:Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion
Required Plugins:None required


Shapes Elements, FCPX, Free Download, Apple Motion, Final Cut Pro, No Plugins Required


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