Getting to Know Infographics | MOGRT – Grab Your Free Download. When it comes to telling stories visually, infographics are king. They’re a powerful way to simplify complex info into visuals that are easy to understand. And now, with motion graphics templates (MOGRT), infographics have become even more dynamic and user-friendly. In this article, we’re diving into Infographics | MOGRT, a free download that offers a wide variety of infographic scenes for users of Premiere Pro CC.

What’s Premiere Pro CC?

Premiere Pro CC is a top-notch video editing software created by Adobe. It’s a favorite among video editors, filmmakers, and content creators because of its strong features and smooth integration with other Adobe products.

What’s Infographics | MOGRT?

Infographics | MOGRT is a set of motion graphics templates made just for Premiere Pro CC users. These templates provide a diverse selection of infographic scenes, making it super easy to visualize data and tell stories.

Cool Features of Infographics | MOGRT:

  • Compatibility: Works with Premiere Pro CC 20 and later.
  • Universal Expressions: All expressions are universalized, so they work with any language setting.
  • Easy Duration Control: You can easily adjust duration with a slider.
  • High Resolution: Supports up to 8k resolution without losing quality.
  • Lots of Content: Includes all US states, over 150 countries, social media icons, currency icons, charts, graphs, maps, and more.
  • Video Tutorial: Provides step-by-step instructions to make usage easy.
  • Free Fonts: Includes links to free fonts for seamless typography customization.
  • Dual Color Schemes: Comes with two pre-designed color schemes for extra versatility.
  • Preview Page HTML: Includes an HTML preview page with GIFs for easy reference.
  • No Plugins Required: Templates work without needing additional plugins.
  • 24/7 Support: Offers accessible customer support for any questions or help.
  • Free Updates: Enjoy all future updates at no extra cost.

What’s Inside?

Infographics | MOGRT offers a wide array of assets:

  • Over 150 Infographic Scenes
  • Comprehensive coverage of over 150 Countries
  • USA Map and All US States
  • Social Media Icons (10)
  • Currency Icons (7)
  • Various Charts and Graphs including Pie Charts, Diagrams, Bars (Vertical, Horizontal, Dual), Line Graphs, Wave Graphs, Filled Graphs
  • World Maps (3)
  • Specific Country Infographics (6)
  • USA Maps Infographic (9)
  • Social Media Infographics (14)
  • Timelines (4)
  • Currency Infographic Scenes (4)
  • Widgets (24)

Wrapping Up

Infographics | MOGRT is a fantastic resource for Premiere Pro CC users who want to take their visual storytelling to the next level. With its wide range of assets, easy-to-use interface, and ongoing support and updates, it enables creators to effortlessly create engaging and informative content. Download Infographics | MOGRT today and start exploring the power of dynamic data visualization in your projects.

File Overview

Infographics MOGRT - Free Download
📂 File Attributes
File Size:180 MB
Application Supported:Premiere Pro
Required Plugins:None required
Software Versions:CC


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