The Creative Motion Pack for After Effects emerges as a powerhouse, offering a diverse collection of top-tier motion design elements. With 1000 quality elements and compatibility with After Effects CC2019 and above, this pack is a game-changer for creators seeking to elevate their visual storytelling.

What is the Creative Motion Pack?

The Creative Motion Pack V.1.0.2 is a comprehensive collection of motion design elements meticulously crafted for After Effects users. It provides a vast array of elements that can be seamlessly integrated into projects, enhancing the visual appeal and narrative impact. Compatible with After Effects CC2019 and above, this pack is a versatile tool for motion designers and video creators.

Key Features of the Creative Motion Pack:

  • PremiumBuilder Extension Tool: Included in the pack, this tool adds a layer of sophistication to your workflow, making customization and navigation a breeze.
  • After Effects Projects Files by Category: The pack is organized with After Effects project files sorted into categories, ensuring a streamlined editing process.
  • Resizable Compositions: Adapt to various platforms with ease, as the pack offers resizable compositions for 4K, HD, mobile, and square formats.
  • Free Saber Plugin for Neon Quotes: Delve into the vibrant world of neon quotes with the included Saber plugin, creating eye-catching visuals effortlessly.
  • Easy Customization: Tailor elements to suit your project seamlessly with easy customization options and color controls.
  • Universaliser Controller: Enjoy compatibility with any language using the Universaliser Controller, enhancing accessibility for a global audience.
  • Tutorial with Voice Over: Navigate the pack with confidence, thanks to the detailed tutorial featuring voiceover guidance.

Categories Included in the Pack:

  • Openers
  • Backgrounds Gradient
  • Backgrounds Kinetic
  • Backgrounds Pattern
  • Devices
  • Lower Thirds
  • Typography BOX
  • Typography Call Outs
  • Typography Glitch
  • Typography Kinetic
  • Typography Modern
  • Typography Quotes
  • Typography Bubbles
  • Infographics
  • Social Media
  • Flat Transitions
  • Logo Transitions
  • Icons

PremiumBuilder Extension Features:

  • Compatibility with AE CC 2019 and above
  • Home Button
  • Minimize – Maximize
  • Add to Favorite Category
  • Side Menu Button On/OFF
  • Search All or Search Inside a Category

Common Questions About the Creative Motion Pack:

What is the Creative Motion Pack?

  • The Creative Motion Pack V.1.0.2 is a versatile collection of motion design elements crafted for use with After Effects CC2019 and above.

What is the PremiumBuilder Extension Tool?

    • The PremiumBuilder Extension Tool is an included feature that enhances customization and navigation within the Creative Motion Pack.


    The Creative Motion Pack V.1.0.2 stands as a testament to innovation and user-centric design in motion graphics. With its extensive features, organized categories, and user-friendly interface, this pack is a valuable asset for creators looking to infuse their projects with dynamic and visually captivating elements. Elevate your storytelling, captivate your audience, and unlock endless creative possibilities with the Creative Motion Pack.

    File Overview

    Creative Motion Pack - Free Download
    📂 File Attributes
    File Size:4.13 GB
    File Includes:After Effects Project Files, Script Files, Sound Effect Files
    Application Supported:After Effects
    Software Versions:CC


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